Raena Chatwin

I am 5th generation Californian. I grew up in rural Northern Californian foothills and spent my youth enjoying the quietness of my grandparents cabin on a small lake near Lake Tahoe where I saw how big business has changed the atomosphere for Lake Tahoe but the areas like Donner Lake has stayed more rural and remote. After high school, I moved to Alberta Canada where I recieved a double major in Cross-Cultural Psychology and Religion and Theology. I also met my husband up there. Again seeing the changes that have occured in the small mountain towns has been devasting in my perspective. My husband and I moved to Colorado in 2010 as we decided this was to be our final home to raise our family. We moved to a wonderful original log cabin on Shadow Mountain in 2019 on our 12th wedding anniversary! Currently, I work for a behavioral health firm down in Littleton as an Operational Systems Manager where I contract with behavioral health clinicians, work on efficiencies around processes externally and internally, and find ways to help the community as a whole. Besides loving my ferrets, cats, dog, husband, and son, I also enjoy spending time outside by our creek drinking a nice glass of something cold, hiking, fishing, and kayaking.