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We need your help in the following ways:
1) Write a letter to the Planning Commission stating your opposition – you can fill out the form below to get started

2) Attend the Public Hearing in person – there is strength in numbers

On March 1st, Full Send Bike Ranch and the Colorado State Land Board submitted their application for a Location & Extent process to place a 250- acre lift access bike park just West of Conifer on Shadow Mountain Drive and South Warhawk. You can learn more about their proposal here & you can read their submission to the County here.

The County’s Location & Extent process leaves the decision for approval or denial with the Jefferson County Planning Commission, the request will not go in front of the Jefferson County Commissioners. 

The Planning Commission is required to meet 30 days following the submittal to either approve, conditionally approve or deny the Location & Extent request. During this meeting the Planning Commission will be taking public comment and these comments along with written comments are very important in the process.

There are only five criteria the Planning Commission can consider for approving, conditionally approving or denying the application:

1)  The compatibility with the existing and allowable land uses in the surrounding area.

2)  The degree of conformance with applicable land use plans. You can view the Conifer/285 Corridor Area Plan here.

3)  The ability to mitigate negative impacts upon the surrounding area.

4)  The availability of infrastructure and service.

5)  The effect upon the health, safety, and welfare of the residents and landowners in the surrounding area.

Public hearing

On April 1, 2022 at 6:00 pm the Planning Commission will hold their public meeting to decide the fate of the Full Send Bike Ranch. We need everyone to attend, preferably in person, at Hearing Room 1 in the Jefferson County Building 100 Jefferson County Parkway. You can also attend virtually via this link.

We are working to organize all of the neighbors wanting to attend and speak so please let us know below if you are able to make it. 

If you are willing to speak and haven’t already been working with someone in our group, we will reach out to discuss what you would like to speak about as well as the rules regarding speaking such a time limits, etc. If you are able to attend in person, we will reach out with information about how to demonstrate your opposition to Full Send Bike Ranch while you are there. If you are only able to attend virtually it will be harder to participate in shows of opposition, so please try to attend in person, but we will reach out with some ideas.

Regardless of if you plan on speaking or attending, we need everyone to submit a letter ASAP stating their opposition to the case manager so he can share them with the Planning Commission. During the presentation of the project to the Planning Commission the case manager must state how many letters of opposition they received, and we want that number to be so high it really makes Commissioners think hard about approving this project.

Below, after you fill out the form about attending the Public Hearing, you will be taken to a web page that will help you with talking points to draft your email to the Planning Commission as well as allow you to submit the letter it in a way that we can count how many have been submitted.

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