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We had an amazingly good first referral response from Jefferson County Planning and Zoning. It appears that the developers have a significant amount of work yet to make their case, and we estimate it will cost them an equally significant amount of money to complete the work requested. We await their response which must be submitted within 180 days before mid-December.

Now is the time for us to take action

Jefferson County Planning Commissioners need to hear from everyone who is opposed to the Bike Park. We have made it easy for you to send them an email. Click below for sample emails, talking points and instructions for how to send your email. If you would like to learn more about the JeffCo process for reviewing special use permit applications, you can click here.

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Shadow mountain Bike Park proposal has been submitted

In March, developers filed an application for a special use permit to construct a lift-access downhill and freeride mountain bike park just West of Conifer on Shadow Mountain Drive and South Warhawk Road, see the map below.  The application is now being reviewed by Jefferson County and within the next 3-8 months there will be a public hearing in front of the Jefferson County Planning Board. 

Learn More About The Proposal

"Thousands sign petition opposing proposed mountain bike park near Conifer"

"Is it Worth It?"

New Video Is Stunning Visual of Shadow Mountain Drive and What's at Stake.

How You Can Help

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Send an email to JeffCo about your opposition to the Bike Park.

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Sign our petition asking Jefferson County to oppose the Bike Park.

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in the news

We have been getting lots of attention from the media lately; take a look and read the stories.

If you are with the media, you can reach us at StopBikeParkMedia@gmail.com 

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our concerns

We oppose the Bike Park because they plan on developing a pristine meadow into a commercial enterprise putting our mountain, our community, wildlife, and environment at risk.

Truck wrecked

Hundreds of cars driving to and from the Bike Park daily on a residential, winding, narrow, two-lane road with no shoulders and blind turns puts everyone at risk.

Air & Water

The car pollution, human waste, and water needs of hundreds of mountain bikers a day and up to 1,000 bikers on a peak day (as projected by the developers) will have detrimental impacts on existing air quality and residential neighborhood wells, impacting the ability for existing ground water to recharge itself.

Elk Creek Fire at Work
Emergency Responder Resources

The Bike Park will provide only first aid, leaving Elk Creek Fire volunteers to respond to all serious accidents on the property. Elk Creek Fire will also need to respond to all traffic accidents caused by the additional use of Shadow Mountain Drive. The Bike Park will not provide adequate funding to assist Elk Creek Fire, which will reduce response times for all other emergencies in the surrounding area.


The proposed development area is in an extreme wildfire risk area. Adding more than 1,000 people on a peak day will greatly increase this risk, 84% of fires are human caused. Shadow Mountain Drive will not be able to handle the traffic load in the event of a fire evacuation.

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The proposed development area provides habitat for a diverse wildlife population and contains established migratory corridors for some species. There is also summer and fall concentration habitat for black bear, habitat for lynx (an endangered species) and the northern goshawk (a species of greatest conservation need).

Who is "Stop The Bike Park"?

Stop the Bike Park was formerly called Stop Full Send Bike Ranch. We are a Colorado registered non-profit that was formed specifically to stop the Bike Park development.

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We are joined by hundreds of community members who are very concerned about this project and have stepped up by volunteering their time to conduct research and make sure all information we use is factual. If you are interested in joining us we have committees focused on legal, financial, safety, and environmental aspects of the project. Additionally, we have a communications committee that organizes our outreach efforts. Sign up for our email list below and let us know if you are interested in getting more involved.

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If you are with the media, you can reach us at StopBikeParkMedia@gmail.com