Write A Letter To the Jeffco Planning Commission

Below, we have provided a few sample emails which you can just cut and paste into the form below to send to the Jeffco Planning Commission if you are running short on time. If you would like to make your letter more personal, which we encourage, we have provided many talking points below that you can cut and paste into your letter as you see fit and then add your own personal points or personal stories. Please remember there are only five criteria the Planning Commission can look at to deny the proposal so please tie all of your points to these five reasons - you can see examples of this in our sample emails.

There are only five criteria the Planning Commission can consider for approving, conditionally approving or denying the application:

1)  The compatibility with the existing and allowable land uses in the surrounding area.

2)  The degree of conformance with applicable land use plans. You can view the Conifer/285 Corridor Area Plan here.

3)  The ability to mitigate negative impacts upon the surrounding area.

4)  The availability of infrastructure and service.

5)  The effect upon the health, safety, and welfare of the residents and landowners in the surrounding area.

Sample emails

You can copy and paste the sample email text into the "your email" box below if you are short on time. If you have the time a personal email is better, you can use the talking points below and add your own thoughts are personal stories.
Sample Email #1

I am a neighbor to the proposed site for Full Send Bike Ranch and am writing to you today in opposition to the project and urge you to deny their location and extent request.

I am opposed ....

Sample Email #2

I am a neighbor to the proposed site for Full Send Bike Ranch and am writing to you today in opposition to the project and urge you to deny their location and extent request.

I am opposed ....

Talking Points

  • Shadow Mountain Drive is a narrow, windy, two-lane road that lacks any turnouts or shoulders and many of the driveways are blind turns where accidents regularly happen.  The Conifer Area plan requires that Shadow Mountain stay a two-lane road. Shadow Mountain cannot handle this additional traffic and the developers have not proposed a solution to this lack of infrastructure that will negatively impact our health and safety.

  • The Elk Creek Fire Protection District, a mostly volunteer department, would be responsible for responding to any accidents on the roads to the Bike Ranch as well as all bad accidents at the Bike Ranch. The closest station is more than 10 minutes away from the proposed development. The developers state that similar bike parks have accident rates of 5 accidents for every 1,000 riders. The Fire Department would not receive enough additional revenue to support the needs of another 700+ people daily as the Bike Ranch will reside on State Land which is exempt from paying property taxes which fund the Fire Department. This will make response times slower for residents who fund the Elk Creek Fire Protection District. 

  • The proposed property and all of the property around it is located in a high-risk wildfire area. A wildfire would devastate the entire mountain and our community, adding an additional 700+ people daily into this high-risk area substantially increases the risk of wildfire. If the area had to be evacuated, Shadow Mountain Drive would not be able to handle the traffic load to safely remove everyone quickly. The developers have not created any fire mitigation plans for the Shadow Mountain area.
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  • The car pollution, human waste, and water needs of adding 700+ mountain bikers daily to the area will have detrimental impacts on existing air quality and neighborhood wells, impacting the ability for existing ground water to recharge itself.
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