I am 5th generation Californian. I grew up in rural Northern Californian foothills and spent my youth enjoying the quietness of my grandparents cabin on a small lake near Lake Tahoe where I saw how big business has changed the atomosphere for Lake Tahoe but the areas like Donner Lake has stayed more rural and remote. After high school, I moved to Alberta Canada where I recieved a double major in Cross-Cultural Psychology and Religion and Theology. I also met my husband up there. Again seeing the changes that have occured in the small mountain towns has been devasting in my perspective. My husband and I moved to Colorado in 2010 as we decided this was to be our final home to raise our family. We moved to a wonderful original log cabin on Shadow Mountain in 2019 on our 12th wedding anniversary! Currently, I work for a behavioral health firm down in Littleton as an Operational Systems Manager where I contract with behavioral health clinicians, work on efficiencies around processes externally and internally, and find ways to help the community as a whole. We had our first child in fall 2020 and plan to raise him in a community where he can wander across the street to see friends, can watch elk and moose from his window, and can experience the laid back life of living in this wonderful mountain town as we have both been blessed to have this in our lives. Besides loving my ferrets, cats, dog, husband, and son, I also enjoy spending time outside by our creek drinking a nice glass of something cold, hiking, fishing, and kayaking.